Midwest Radio Association KØMSP

MRA Repeaters 145.370 MHz | 444.975 MHz

Minneapolis/Saint Paul - 145.370 MHz

The 145.370 MHz Repeater is now on the air from a temporary site in Minneapolis. If you are in Minneapolis, or west through east of MSP, use CTCSS 107.2 Hz. If you are located south of MSP, use CTCSS 114.8 Hz to access the repeater. The voting system is not in use for this temporary system, so please choose the appropriate CTCSS tone for access. We would like to thank Don, NØBVE for the use of his equipment, time and efforts.

The MRA 2 Meter Multi-Receive-Site Repeater central site is located in Downtown Minneapolis, serving the Minneapolis/Saint Paul Metro and surrounding areas. Receive sites are located in Minneapolis, Forest Lake, Ramsey and Rosemount.


Repeater Station: Motorola Micor
Operating Frequencies: Output 145.370 MHz / Input 144.770 MHz
Tx/Rx Offset: -600 KHz
CTCSS/PL: Rx 107.2 Hz (PL 1B) / Tx 107.2 Hz (PL 1B)
Station ID Morse: KØMSP
Mode of Operation: FM Analog, ±4.5 KHz Deviation
Timeout: 2 minutes
Hang Time: 5 seconds
Power: 200 Watts ERP
Antenna: DB Products DB224E (6 dBd Gain), HAAT 420'
Duplexer: Sinclair, 4 cavity pass-notch
Repeater Controller: Custom build - AEØU / WØCE
Voter: 8 channel custom build - AEØU / WØCE
Receive Sites: Motorola with custom control and audio - AEØU / KYØL / NØFWG / WØCE
Weather Alert: Beeping for 20 seconds (Triggered by NOAA Weather Radio Station KEC65)
Repeater Status: On Air from temporary site.

Ramsey - 444.975 MHz

The MRA 70 cm Repeater located in Ramsey provides coverage for the Northwest suburban areas.

System Fusion

Repeater Station: Yaesu Fusion DR-1X
Operating Frequencies: Output 444.975 MHz / Input 449.975 MHz
Tx/Rx Offset: +5 MHz
Station ID: KØMSP / Digital ID
Mode of Operation: Auto - FM Analog or Digital C4FM FDMA
Timeout: 2 minutes
Hang Time: 2.5 seconds
Power: 800 Watts ERP
Antenna: DB Products DB420 (9.2 dB Gain), HAAT 80'
Duplexer: Celwave
Repeater Controller: Yaesu
EchoLink Access: Node 8098 KØMSP-R Online
Repeater Status: On Air

The MRA radio repeater systems listed above are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and subject to FCC rules and guidelines. Please review the ARRL based Operating Practices.